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The Mentor serves as a role model, friend and advocate to a cadet during the Residential and Post-Residential phase of the Tarheel ChalleNGe program. The cadet shares the responsibilities for the relationship with the mentor and is accountable for progress toward his/her Master Action Plan (MAP.)  A Mentor could be: 

  • a teacher
  • a coach
  • a neighbor
  • a co-worker
  • a minister

The mentor will help guide his or her cadet through the transition from the Academy back into their home community and new life.  They will assist the cadet with his or her life plan; their "road map" to their future placement. Successful placement means that a ChalleNGe graduate has entered or enlisted in the military, enrolled in school, higher education or training, is employed in the job force or is volunteering an equivalent number of hours. 

​If you would like to become a mentor to a cadet, please complete the online application and choose two people who will attest to your character and qualifications to serve as a mentor; they can submit a reference form online to our RPM department.

Already a mentor and need to submit your monthly graduate's assessment report?  We have made it possible for you to submit the required information  online.   



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Tarheel ChalleNGe Academy - New London is a great choice for most at-risk students. However, not everyone is suited for this very physically and mentally demanding program.

We do our best to look at every individual and their needs as we are making our selections.
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